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2012-10-27 Season 1 'No Mercy' (NS)2012-10-27 Mini-leagues? Cool.
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Season 2
Sign ups: NO
How To Register:

- Make sure you've read these rules before registering.
- Register here.
- An admin will approve your account and let you know when you're able to log in.
- Log in, click Sign ups at the left menu, then click Sign up.

General Rules:

- You must have a ZDaemon forum account.
- You must join #zml in ZDaemon Launcher Chat.
- Aliases are not allowed. Use your common name.
- You must play your match only on official league servers.
- You must record demos. If you cannot provide demos of a victory then the match must be replayed.
- Match winners MUST post match results and demos in the league forum, here. If not, then the game must be replayed.
- Respect your opponent.

Contacting your opponent:

- It is up to the player mentioned FIRST in each scheduled round to make first contact with an opponent.
-- Example: "Evolution vs Fsn76" -> Evolution must ask Fsn76 when they can play their game, using the forum.
-- If he does not, and no contact has been made from both, then Evolution gets the forfeit. Fsn76 wins.
- Use the forums or ZDaemon Chat to schedule your games.
- Post the agreed time in the forums so admins know about it, unless an admin is active in #zml!
- You MUST join #zml at the time you agreed to play your match. If you are not there then you may be disqualified.

Playing Your Match:

- Use the schedule to play your games. Wait for the round to end before advancing to the next round.
- Do not use practice servers for official matches. They do not record demos.
- Due to the simplicity of this league, referees are not needed.
- In the event of a disconnect, you must continue to play.
- Aliases are strictly forbidden. Use the name you registered with. We may ban anybody who fails to do this.
- Any disputes will be settled by the league admins.
- You are expected to play a minimum of one game per week. We will disqualify anybody holding the league up.
- If you can't agree on a server then use L@P for Euro games, or DUI NJ for USA games.

Points & Awards

- Match winners are awarded 3 points per win.
- In the case of a tie on points between players, net frag count will be used to make the difference.
- Awards will be given out at the end of the season. There will be several categories. Stay tuned.[/list]


- Single match forfeits go into their next game with a 3 frag penalty.
- League forfeits are banned from any future zml event and may be blacklisted in other future events.
- Don't sign up if you're going to let us all down.

Servers & Settings:

[L@P] - Germany, Europe
Dwango United - New Jersey, USA

Gametype: 0 - Deathmatch
Maxclients: 50
Maxplayers: 2
IWAD: doom2.wad
PWADs: insomnia_map27, zml_01_winter_2013
Map: MAP27
Skill: Ultra Violence (half ammo)
dmflags: 83907908
dmflags2: 168951809
Gravity: 80%
Air Control: 20%
sv_splashfactor: 0.4
Frag Limit: None.
Time Limit: 7 minutes
Death Limit: 5 seconds
sv_fineticks "3"
specs_dont_disturb_players: 1
Join_password: "zml2013"